Intermediate goal achieved on my everlasting journey to the league of Grandmasters [the one with the shiny icon]!

The current season is about halfway over and finally my first milestone has been achieved, reaching top master – although having played only for a few days. Of course, this is nothing to repose upon. I will have to work harder than ever to be able to reach the next step the upcoming season. Wish me luck on my way to the Pros!


A new era has begun!

A longer abstinence of Starcraft 2 by myself has driven me to change races. I now play Protoss. The  High Templars of Aiur converted me and led me to the right path, making me fight alongside Zealots, Colossi and Stalkers, in order to crush our enemies on our way to the top of Europe!

As I will not be up to date about current Terran strategies and the race’s metagame, the section of my guide, concerning the Terran race, will not be updated regularly anymore. I will start feeding this page with guides and information revolving around my new race of choice and I hope that you, my viewers and readers, will appreciate my new content and guides.


I will try to turn on my stream more often. The quality should be sufficient and the resolution is set to either Full HD or 720p. Stream times will vary in the next couple of weeks, but should stabilize to around 6pm – 8pm [CET/UTC+1]. As usual, I will mostly stream ladder matches, but also the occasional tournament I participate in, trying to defeat the best of the best.

If requested, I might consider commentating and/or casting my own replays, cups and replays from the community [probably in English, unless a German cast is desired].


If you have specific topics you want Guides to be written about, let me know in a comment.
Other than that, I will start working on a guide right now.

8 Coaching Students after a single day / Ballbreaker participating in the gamecreds Starcraft 2 cup

Hi there 🙂

I am here to tell you that I have 8 coaching students already (after one day which is pretty impressive to me). I will not take any students on my primary coaching list, but if you would still like to apply for a lesson, drop me a mail at and I will put you on my waiting list. It might take a while, though until you get your coaching, as I started to be a lot more active in tournaments!

This directly leads to my next point. Today I’ll be participating in the Gamecreds Starcraft 2 cup. You can find their website right here: I am not sure how well I will perform as a lot of high Grandmaster players are participating, but I will run my stream for you to watch :). Make sure to tune in at!

It all starts at 19:15 (roughly)!!

BallbreakerTV back in action

Hi everyone.

You might have noticed that I quit coaching and working around the blog for quite a while now. This has various reasons I am not going to list right now,

BUT I am back!

I am going to do coaching again and do guides, at least a few. If you would like to apply for a coaching lesson, you will find the corresponding page in the menu of my blog. For short: send me a mail with your in-game name, your league, race and match-up you would like to focus on to


I am going to play more myself and stream those games. If you want, join the crowd and watch my play :). The link is !


This is it guys! Hope to hear from you soon :).


Patch 1.4.0 on PTR

Hi there,

Blizzard has just released the patch notes for the next patch 1.4.0! It is going to be a major patch with a lot of changes to the balance and the user interface of the 2.0!

Unit vision up ramps has been reduced by 1.
Probably a change to make 4 Gates weaker in PvP. Warping Zealots on the high ground has always been super strong and almost impossible to hold, unless the defender 4-gated as well!

Immortal: Attack range increased from 5 to 6.
Also a change to adjust PvP. Blink stalkers are abnormally strong in this match-up and usually win easily against Robo builds, although Immortals are supposed to counter them. Now they have an equal range and should fair better against Stalkers.
You might actually see Immortals a lot more against Terrans. As they are great against Marauders, you force your opponent to go Marine heave, which is pretty weak against Colossi or High Templar!
Mothership: Acceleration increased from 0.3 to 1.375.
The Mothership’s Cloaking Field no longer cloaks all units instantaneously, but rather adds units to the cloak field over time (maximum of 25 per second). This should alleviate “Mothership Lag” issue when a Mothership comes online.

Making the Mothership not fall instantly to any kind of anti-air. A good change in my eyes!

Stalker: Blink research time increased from 110 to 140.
Maybe there to punish Protosses that went for Blink to late against Zergs in late game? Probably not going to affect TvP.

Warp Prism: Shields increased from 40 to 100.
Should probably encourage Protosses to drop more and harass.


Barracks: Build time increased from 60 to 65.
This is not going to change much at all. Maybe 2 Rax Rushes will be a little delayed, but should be almost as strong as before…Unreasonable change to me.

Hellion: Infernal Pre-Igniter damage upgrade decreased from 10 to 5.
Hellions are now going to need three shots to kill a worker, even with the blue-flame upgrade, making it useless against every race except for against Zerg (you will still be able to 2-shot Lings with the Blueflame upgrade).

Raven: Seeker missile movement speed increased from 2.5 to 2.953.
Finally Terrans get a great AoE spell too! I imagine this to be very useful in late-game against every race, but Protosses might suffer the hardest, as their deathball tends to clump up. A very good change, giving us an equivalent to the HT and the Infestor!


Infestor: Fungal Growth damage changed from 36 (+30% armored) to 30 (40 vs Armored).
Marines still get one-shotted by Infestors, even with their Combat Shield upgrade. However, Vikings will now survive 4 Fungal Growths, making them a lot stronger against Broodlords!

Overseer: Morph cost decreased from 50/100 to 50/50.
Contaminate energy cost increased from 75 to 125.

Good change, as Overseers are rather rarely used and are now a little cheaper.

Ultralisk: Build time decreased from 70 to 55.
A buff to Zerg’s late-game. Not really necessary, but should probably encourage the use of Ultralisks a little more. Be prepared to fight these things a lot more frequently!

There are of course other changes, regarding the editor and the User Interface. You can find them right here:
Blizzard Post regarding patch 1.4.0