New coaching Times for next Week / Stream dates

Hi there fellows!

How are you all? I am here with a quick update concerning the coaching I do and my stream!

Next weekend I will offer a couple of coaching lessons, the times will be updated to my coaching calendar in one or two days.

I will stream every or every second Day. Probably in the evenings (CEST)!  My stream address is the following: http://www.twitch.TV/ballbreakertv
The stream will, or at least close to HD quality.
I will stream ladder games, coaching lessons and tournament games!

Hope you tune  in and make sure to check out my coaching calendar (go to the coaching tab in the menu of my blog!

Ballbreaker :).


BallbreakerTV back in action

Hi everyone.

You might have noticed that I quit coaching and working around the blog for quite a while now. This has various reasons I am not going to list right now,

BUT I am back!

I am going to do coaching again and do guides, at least a few. If you would like to apply for a coaching lesson, you will find the corresponding page in the menu of my blog. For short: send me a mail with your in-game name, your league, race and match-up you would like to focus on to


I am going to play more myself and stream those games. If you want, join the crowd and watch my play :). The link is !


This is it guys! Hope to hear from you soon :).


Almost back in Germany / Streaming / Coaching / Games

Hey Ho Let’s Go!

I am almost back in Germany. I will arrive at the 28th of August. From then on, this Blog shall rise to never seen brightness!

As a lot of you responded to my coaching offer, I will of course keep doing this. I will send an email to all of you once I get home, showing you my preferred date and time for coaching lessons. There will be quite a few lessons in the next week, but, due to high demand, I am still not sure if everyone that asked will get a coaching lesson within the next two weeks.
Of course, the lessons are free, donations are highly appreciated!

In the lesson you can choose if you would like to analyse replays of your own (I like to do that with Platin+ players, as they usually know the fundamentals and struggle with more specific things in their gameplay), you like to learn builds (good for every player) or if you would like to learn the fundamentals, such as scouting, unit compositions and expansion timings (this I like to do with lower league players).

I myself will of course play a lot more games, too. Still, I would like to get to top Masters, if not Grandmaster League, this/next season.

I will play in a couple of (smaller and bigger) cups to get some playing experience and maybe boost the blog’s popularity. I won’t deny any price money either :p, but right now I don’t think I could beat pro-level players.

Hint: I play Terran again :)! Protoss worked pretty well, but doesn’t suit me as well as Terran does, and watching me play Zerg was a disaster…

Yep. I will stream most of this stuff. I just (finally) got a nice and shiny internet connection with great upload speed, so you will be able to enjoy an HD Starcraft 2 Stream showing coaching lessons, first-person view games and cup games!
I hope that you’ll tune in :)!

I will not publish any guides in the next couple of weeks. Well…maybe one or two, but I really don’t have THAT much time to put in Starcraft 2, so I hope you understand this!

Ballbreaker (see ya next week, yo)

No streaming in August (Vacation)

Hi to all of my kind visitors :)!


I will be on vacation the whole August, so there will not be any streaming, as I don’t have sufficient bandwidth back in the US, which is my destination.

There I am going to visit my relatives.


As I said, I won’t be able to do neither coaching, nor streaming unfortunately, but I will try to compensate for that by writing a lot of guides :)!

I have not decided what themes I am going to be focusing on, but I will tell you as soon as I have :).



“Emphasis on Dropping” will be completed in 2 Days!

The next part of my guide “Emphasis on Dropping” will be probably completed in about 2 days.
I will list the main up and downsides of drops and why they are effective. Also, I will talk about special techniques to do guaranteed damage, by doing multiple drops at a time or using drops to draw away your opponent’s attention.

—The Coaching thing is doing great and I hope that you think of it in the same way :)!