Intermediate goal achieved on my everlasting journey to the league of Grandmasters [the one with the shiny icon]!

The current season is about halfway over and finally my first milestone has been achieved, reaching top master – although having played only for a few days. Of course, this is nothing to repose upon. I will have to work harder than ever to be able to reach the next step the upcoming season. Wish me luck on my way to the Pros!


A new era has begun!

A longer abstinence of Starcraft 2 by myself has driven me to change races. I now play Protoss. The  High Templars of Aiur converted me and led me to the right path, making me fight alongside Zealots, Colossi and Stalkers, in order to crush our enemies on our way to the top of Europe!

As I will not be up to date about current Terran strategies and the race’s metagame, the section of my guide, concerning the Terran race, will not be updated regularly anymore. I will start feeding this page with guides and information revolving around my new race of choice and I hope that you, my viewers and readers, will appreciate my new content and guides.


I will try to turn on my stream more often. The quality should be sufficient and the resolution is set to either Full HD or 720p. Stream times will vary in the next couple of weeks, but should stabilize to around 6pm – 8pm [CET/UTC+1]. As usual, I will mostly stream ladder matches, but also the occasional tournament I participate in, trying to defeat the best of the best.

If requested, I might consider commentating and/or casting my own replays, cups and replays from the community [probably in English, unless a German cast is desired].


If you have specific topics you want Guides to be written about, let me know in a comment.
Other than that, I will start working on a guide right now.

New coaching Times for next Week / Stream dates

Hi there fellows!

How are you all? I am here with a quick update concerning the coaching I do and my stream!

Next weekend I will offer a couple of coaching lessons, the times will be updated to my coaching calendar in one or two days.

I will stream every or every second Day. Probably in the evenings (CEST)!  My stream address is the following: http://www.twitch.TV/ballbreakertv
The stream will, or at least close to HD quality.
I will stream ladder games, coaching lessons and tournament games!

Hope you tune  in and make sure to check out my coaching calendar (go to the coaching tab in the menu of my blog!

Ballbreaker :).