Terran Basics

Here you learn how to get started with the Terran race!

Pros and Cons of the Terran race in Starcraft 2

Unit roles – What unit serves which purpose

Synergy between Units – Unit compositions

Understanding Hotkeys, Shortcuts and Control Groups

Timing chart – What push hits when

Why Dropping is important


1-1-1 Build 


3 thoughts on “Terran Basics

  1. i enjoy doing a marauder+marine push. i get 3 barrack (2 with lab, 1 with reactor) and when i get around 30 units combined (normally around the 8-10 minute mark) i push.
    i’m exceedingly new to the game having only previously played it with some friends. i have some questions:
    1, what is the best way to go if this opening push doesn’t work? build wise i’d guess a bio heavy build would go well?
    2, should i wall my ramp with barracks and suplly depots and why?
    i’m very glad to have found your website and have to say it’s exceedingly helpful and i appreciate the work you’re doing!

    ps. i’m not really sure how to drop/harrass my opponent a guide on this would be great.
    pps. sorry i wasn’t sure where to post my queries.

    • Hi Florujin!

      to 1) if your push does not work, get an expansion ASAP (as soon as possible) and bunker up at your natural (build 2 to 3 bunkers to be safe). Bio heavy is pretty good in TvP, but in TvZ Banelings and TvT Tanks completely destroy this composition, unless you have really good micro and multi-tasking. I would consider Bio against Protoss, BioMech against Zerg and Terran.
      to 2) only wall your ramp against Zergs to be safe against early pool builds.

      The next guide will be about timings in the specific matchups and what attack hits at what time :)! After that, I might do an analysis on dropping.

      — Comments are always a good way to ask a question, as I will most likely answer them quickly —


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