My name is Ballbreaker and I am a high level Starcraft 2 Terran player, streaming some games for you and creating guides for lower league players to improve their game!

I started playing Starcraft 2 some month after its release, in August 2010 and I have been from then on improving my gameplay a lot (I started off in bronze league and worked my way up to high Master level, even beating Grandmaster players). Starcraft 2 is my first RTS I play (I have some experience in Age of Empires, but never took it serious). I have not attended in a lot of tournaments (in a Go4SC2 cup I lost against Adelscott, a famous french Protoss player), but I want to change it and maybe become famous :)!

I put quite a lot of time in Starcraft 2  and I wanna give something back to the community, so I came up with the idea of creating a blog, in which I will write some guides and overall information and news about Starcraft 2.

Right now, I use 2 accounts to play Starcraft 2. “Ballbreaker” is my main account I use to chat with friends, play custom games and teamgames. You can find it in the battle.net, my character code is Ballbreaker#172. The other account “VOiD” is purely for 1 vs 1 ladder. I do not add any friends there, as I don’t want to be disturbed while playing. If you need to reach me, leave me a comment on this page or stay ingame. I am online with “Ballbreaker” quite often!

I also stream some of my games as mentioned earlier, so if you like I would be glad if you check it out!

Yours sincerely,



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