WUUUHU! 1000 blog viewers!

Hi guys.
First jubilee to celebrate. Today, we just hit 1000 blog viewers, which is, in my eyes, quite a lot in only about a week that the blog has been active!

In order to celebrate in a “proper” way ( 😀 ), I am probably going to do some video guides on the particular build-orders I discuss in my “Basic TvZ Buildorder” guide that has been voted by you, my kind viewers, to be the next part of the “Terran guide – Everything about the Terran race in Starcraft 2” :).

Youtubelink: http://youtube.com/BallbreakerTV

Also, I will stream the games I play. On the upcoming Thursday (07.07.2011) I will do a “late-night ownage”. I will start to play ladder games at about 8 p.m. CEST on Thursday and stop at around 1 a.m. on Friday. The stream will be running the whole time :)! I hope you all tune in.

Streamlink: http://justin.tv/BallbreakerTV



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